20061118 (Sat) - One Day Exploration Tour to The Queen Spa & Dining, Shenzhen (deferred)

20061107 7:00-8:45p.m. - Talk on" 易筋經易筋棒 (十式) 運動學習班 ", after the Ex-com Meeting

20060524 AGM on 24 May 2006 (Wed)- Notice of 21st AGM 
Minutes of the last AGM 2005 
Chairperson's address for the AGM

20060317 7:00-8:00P.m. - Talk after the Ex-Com Meeting: "How to Talk With Children About Sex", by Ms Choy Wai-Wong, Senior Social Work Practitioner

20060224-26 SSAA's Delegation to GuangDong

Jointly organized with HK Public Administration Association, with support from Guangdong Academy of Social Sciences
Report of the Delegation 
( Notice Programme Registration Form )

4 January 2006 7:30p.m. - Talk after the Ex-Com Meeting:"Communicating with your Teenage Children", 
Speaker: Ms Florence Chu, senior social work practitioner

20051102 7:30p.m.Talk on: "What and How Do We Communicate – Some Guidelines to Public Speakers", after 3rd Ex-Com Meeting at 6:30p.m.
Speaker: Dr Verner Bickley, Chairman of the English-Speaking Union, HK

20050907 7:30p.m. - Talk on "Arbitration - The Smart Alternative" (by Christopher TO), after the Ex-Com Meeting at 6:30p.m.

AGM 26/5/2005 (Thu) - Notice of 20th AGM at the Chinese Restaurant, Police HQ, Arsenal House, Wanchai
<Chairman's Speech at AGM>

20050402 Visit to Castle Peak Electricity Generation Plant of China Light and Power

5/7/2005 - 1st Excom meeting 2005/06 - Confirm Annual Activity Plan